Contact info:

277 South First East #18

Rexburg, Idaho 83440

(208) 360-4043


Meet Paden and Chalise

Hi! We’re Paden and Chalise.

We’ve been in Riviera management since November 2014 and are excited to spend another semester at Riviera. We got married in 2013 in the Seattle Washington LDS Temple. We both come from big families. Chalise is the youngest of eight children and Paden is the oldest of five. Office hours are posted but feel free to call or come knocking at any hour and we’ll be glad to help answer any questions you may have. We’re always glad to help.

Storage space

We have two storage areas for storing boxes.

4 or 6 girl apartments

We have three builings at Riviera.  They are Riviera One, Riviera Two, and Riviera Three.  Riviera One and Two are three bedroom six girl apartments.  Riviera Three is a two bedroom four girl apartment.  There are only two apartments in Riviera Three.

Parking available across street from campus

Riviera Apartments has the very best location at BYU Idaho.  Most of the buildings that you will attend classes are on the side of campus where Riviera is located.  We have timed it and you can walk to the Manwaring Center (main food court building)  the Library, the Science, the Fine Arts, the Health Center, the Classroom Office, and the Hart Gym in around three minutes or less.  That is awesome.  No Car to drive, easy to come home and go back to the campus.  In the winter no fighting the icy roads.  A lot of apartments are 15-30  minutes walk each way.  So once you get to campus you stay there all day, because it is so far to walk back home.  Some of them even have a bus schedule set up to ferry you to campus.  What a pain!

Lounge with Flat Screen TV

We have a 46 inch Flat Screen Sony TV in the lounge.

Two laundry rooms

Yes, the laundry at Riviera is included in the rent. Enjoy doing your laundry without having to hassle with quarters. This is only for tenants at Riviera, so don't invite your friends to do their laundry at Riviera. It is dishonest and a honor code violation.

Wireless High Speed FIBER OPTIC Internet

We have wireless fiber optic internet provided by OPTICS, the main provider of Internet to apartment  complexes at BYU IDAHO.  We know that the internet is very important for everyone in this modern world.  We have upgraded our service this summer, so that our bandwidth is bigger and better for your time here at BYU